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Ahmed Elsman Ibrahim

Computer Science Student (Graduation year) (Assuit-University):

I Worked in a lot of Projects in my faculty as it helps me to learn more and more in communication skills and learning my self and gaining trust in my self and increasing knowledge




  • Suez Canal prototype System .
  • petrol company prototype system.
  • Home Security System (not implemented).
  • 3D project (Large Library).
  • Now Working with my graduation project team on (Bio breast cancer).

Software Developer / Web Designer / 3D Modeler

Software Developer who Don't Stop Learning and Working on only one Computer Language as This Field is changing rapidly. Effective Software Developer should to learn more and more to have more experience in his Filed, as also Web Designer should to Know More and More about User interface and more Concepts about new helpful tools.

Every one Who seeks to do his work well should to use Search Engine as it helps very well in Our Field as you should not to know every this but has the ability to search and learn your self "This is the main concept"

Ardent believer in the power of technology to communicate ideas and advance human endeavors.

I believe in these words "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

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