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Ahmed Elsman Ibrahim


3D Max : (introduction for Character Modeling)

Small Introduction :

Character modeling can be a daunting field to get into. Developing a solid character with good design and proper topology takes a lot of work.

You can make any character as you need you can use as start (Blue Print) it's name
T-Blue Print as it helps more and more in character Modeling ..... for more tutorials you can see these videos on You tube ........


and there exist Blue Print Creator as this Blueprint creation script automates the task of creating planes that match bitmap sizes and creating & assigning the right materials. Just select the bitmaps, set a few options and you're done. It's mainly meant for setting up vehicle blueprints, but makes the job of creating even a single image reference plane a lot faster.


3D Max : (introduction for Beginners)

Small introduction :
3D computer graphics is the science, study, and method of projecting a mathematical representation of 3D objects onto a 2D image using visual tricks such as perspective and shading to simulate the eye's perception of those objects.

 3D effects and some Tricks :

The illusion of 3D is created on a flat computer screen by means of a bag full of

 perspective and artistic tricks :

3.Shading and Shadows
4.Texture Mapping
6.Blending and Transparency